Thousands gathered at Arcadia Creek Festival site downtown over the weekend to enjoy delicious ribs and diverse music at Kalamazoo Ribfest- here are the online reviews of the experience.

From the official Kalamazoo Ribfest Facebook page, here's what people are saying about the 2017 event:

The Good:

It's a family tradition now. Great food, great music, great location, great memories, can't ask for more



The entertainment was phenomenal!!! Danced like I haven't in years. Lots of variety for everyone....great time!! Ribs were a bit pricey, especially for the low income that would like to enjoy themselves on a tight budget.



Overall festival was very good. Good music, cold beer and laid out very well.



So glad we got the VIP package. We could stand in the tent and stay out of the Friday night rain. The first band was good, the second (ACDC Cover) was awesome, and of course Grand Funk Railroad was the absolute best. Even with all the rain, they played a very personal concert to the "Brave" crowd. Thank Guys! BTW ribs were just ok.



past rib fest have been better. Rev run just screamed in the mic he really didmt even sing anything. It was borning.



We had to stand in line for 20-25 minutes each time we needed a refill on drinks which was far too long. We also got to listen to "Rev" Run play other people's music while screaming profanities on strange. This was by far the worse rib fest yet which doesn't give me pleasure to say.


This was my first year at ribfest and i got to say for all the people complaining come down to a little town festival if you want to see horrible cause kzoo ribfest was great. Rev run was an mc an entertainer! A legend at his craft i didnt care what he did or didnt do. I can say ive seen him. And for $13 are you kidding me thats cheap and early people didnt even have to pay. Ill be back for years to come! Its also a great outlet for local bands so give em a break Man.



This was my first Ribfest. My daughter and I decided to to try it spur of the moment. Music was fun and had lots of crowd participation. It seemed pretty organized. I thought there seemed to be a lot of security, which was great.Unfortunately, I thought the ribs would be 'appetizer ' size so we could try more vendors. It was a great Saturday night out! I would definitely go again!-Kathy

Overall, Kalamazoo Ribfest averages 4.4 out of 5 stars. Were you there? Share your experience and your photos on the official Kalamazoo Ribfest Facebook page.

Until next year...

Bonus Video: Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad Talks About Playing Ribfest

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