Start training now and show your strength next Summer as the official Strongman Games qualifier comes to Michigan. It might be more fun to just watch.

I love watching these competitions on TV. Where else can you see someone pull a fire engine with their teeth, or sprint across the sand while carrying a full-size Las Vegas slot machine? The fridge carry, the Atlas stones, the keg toss...I always get caught up in watching these competitors. Come on, admit it, it is fascinating to watch these colossal men with muscles on muscles, grunt, sweat and exert themselves until it looks like that vein in their forehead is going to burst any second like a pimple on prom night.

Official Strongman is an "athlete academy," a training program they call "your path to greatness" and the route to qualifying for World's Strongest Man. Bodybuilders, weightlifters, gym rats, ogres and aspiring giants can get training tips and learn from the best. There is an online ranking system to see how you stack up and you can enter challenges and competitions.

The no sweat way to enjoy this is, of course, by simply watching. Michigan's Strongest Man and Woman contest is coming to Frankenmuth in August of 2021. Five grueling events like the yoke lift, keg toss, weight-lifting and vehicle dead-lifts will be held in the parking lot at River Place Shops to determine who is the strongest man and woman in the state.

So, you have two choices: pass the protein powder and get fitted for a singlet or pass the Cheetos, put on your sweatpants and look for past competitions on streaming while you wait to watch in person on August 7, 2021.

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