Before anyone gets too upset or thinks I'm a complete bozo, understand I am writing this piece with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Still, there are some eerie similarities between the USFL's Michigan Panthers 2.0 and the Detroit Lions. Where do you want to start? Let's start with that Panthers and Lions are in the same part of the wild kingdom. Wikipedia says that panthers are from "Panthera, the cat genus that contains tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards."

Add to that the newly revealed Michigan Panthers uniforms have blue in them. The Lions also have blue on their uniforms. By now you should be getting chills. Yesterday, the USFL had its draft lottery on FS1. Now you should be going full goosebumps. FS1 is struggling to get an audience. The Lions are struggling to win games.

And what happened during this draft lottery? The Michigan Panthers are going to have the first pick in this draft, which is on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Well, the Lions have had more than a few high draft picks and, in fact, Matthew Stafford was an overall top draft pick. Last Sunday, Stafford led the Los Angeles Rams to a championship. The Michigan Panthers won the first USFL championship back in the early 1980's.

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That's pretty much where the similarities end. During their first go-round, the Panthers shared a stadium with Lions - the late Pontiac Silverdome, but since this is essentially a TV show, to start out, all the USFL games will be played in Birmingham, Alabama. (But the playoffs and  championship game will be played in the home of the NFL Hall of Fame, in Canton, Ohio.) The games will be on your TV (on Fox and NBC) beginning on Easter weekend. But, if the Panthers and GM/coach Jeff Fisher do their homework, who knows? You may have a winning pro football team in Michigan sooner rather than later.

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