A man was busted after pushing a construction barrel down I-265 in a Walmart electric cart at 5 in the morning.

Indiana State Police explain why it's illegal to drive a Walmart electric cart on the interstate after a crazy moment in Clark County.  Spoiler alert, interstate traffic is very fast, Walmart electric carts are not.  So yeah, it's dangerous.  Here's what the Indiana State Police in Sellersburg had to say,

As a reminder, unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the interstate... and slower vehicles need to use the right-hand lane.

It's unclear why a man was driving an electric cart from Walmart down a Southern Indiana highway at 5 A.M. on a Monday morning.  I've never wanted the answer to a question more than I do this one.

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Here are two reasons off of the top of my head why you shouldn't drive a Walmart electric cart on an interstate.

#1. A Walmart electric cart belongs to Walmart.  It's not yours.  Stop it.

#2. We're not in Florida.  Stop it.

On the topic of slow police chases...just a couple of weeks ago an Amish man was passed out driving his buggy in Ohio.  When the police attempted to stop him, the buggy hit a county sheriff's cruiser.  So, if you've ever wondered if you can get a DUI while driving a horse and buggy, the answer is yes!  Click here to see the full story.

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