A while back I heard a story about an east coast governor who was trying to reduce the welfare rolls in his state; I think it was Massachusetts.  He set up a system whereby those receiving assistance but were not disabled and at least able to complete daily tasks were identified by the state and in order to continue getting a check were required to complete several hours of community service.  Well needless to say, the number of people getting assistance dropped dramatically.

Of course, there needs to be a safety net in place to help those who really need help but these days we've got to cut costs anywhere we can.  That's why, according to our friends at FOX 17 WXMI, 500,000 able-bodied, non-elderly adults in Michigan's Medicaid Expansion Program would have to work or meet related requirements to keep qualified under a new bill up for vote in Lansing.  As always, able-bodied doesn't tell the whole story and there will be other stipulations but you can get the details by clicking HERE.

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