Then again maybe it won't.  After all, we still have the highest insurance rates in the nation.  Still, most people probably don't "tally up" the day to day or month to month expenditures.  Plus gas prices continue to fluctuate like Robert De Niro's weight in Raging Bull.  Nevertheless, we pay a pretty penny to own and drive a car in a state that's probably the most famous for cars.  The sad fact of the matter is there are only 3 states that pay more per year... Nevada, Washington and, of course, California.

To compare costs, the survey used the average price of $36,843 for a car with a 20% down payment of $7,369 with a 60-month loan with payments totaling $7,176 per year. Then broke it down for us:

47. Michigan- $21,911.02

Total sales Tax Paid: $2,010.58

Annual Ca Registration Fee: $228

Annual Car Insurance Premium: $2,484

Annual Gas Expenses: $2,095.18

Annual Car Maintenance and Repair Costs: $333.26

Get the stats on the rest of the states by clicking HERE.



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