Let's start with the fact that Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  Ironically, Michigan has the best drivers in the nation according to some experts.  (See below)  Now, let's recap the reason this is the case.  We are mandated to purchase the catastrophic portion of the no-fault insurance which carries no limit on how much a victim can receive which raises the rates to levels not seen anywhere else.

The Republican lawmakers in Lansing have proposed a bill which essentially allows drivers to opt out of this provision if they have health insurance.  Governor Whitmer has said she would veto the bill.  Now, Detroit billionaire, developer, Quicken Loans and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wants to take what is similar to the Republican solution and put it on the 2020 ballot to take it out of the hands of the lawmakers and let the public decide.  What do you think?  Check out the rest of the details from an article on detroitnews.com by clicking HERE.


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