Michigan's Winter wonderland is more fun on a snowmobile, unless you are one of these guys.

It is a different breed of person that enjoys outdoor activity during the Winter months in Michigan...and then you have these guys. Not content with racing across a frozen lake or on a groomed trail, these snowmobile enthusiasts power their sleds through a slalom course up the side of a gigantic dune- fighting to summit the hill and be crowned King of the Mountain.

The action is from the Whealkate Bluff Snowmobile Hill Climb on February 23, 2019 in South Range, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula's Houghton County. There's so much snow, you can't tell the Arctic Cats from the Ski Doos from the Polaris machines, but the riders all look like they are having fun, right up until they're not.

Two things: gravity always wins and banjos make this video better.

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