I can remember the first time I heard that somebody went into a house and stole anything copper or aluminum and couldn't figure out why.  Of course, I learned later that those two things were the most valuable in the house.  Over the years we've been mystified at how many ordinary things now somehow become targets for bad intentions.  Now comes another that seems to be a first, at least in the way it's being purloined.

According to an article on wnem.com, thieves are taking aim at unharvested crops in West Michigan.  I can understand if a truckload of produce is stolen or hijacked but the criminals are apparently stealing right off the branches, vines and fields.  Over 7,000 pounds of apples and over 1,000 pumpkins have come up missing.  Owners and law enforcement are baffled and surprised saying this is a well-organized group to pull off this kind of heist.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.



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