It's 1480 miles from Battle Creek, Michigan to the mouth of Battle Creek in Montana, so we're guessing you've likely never visited there.

Montana's Battle Creek is a tributary of the Milk River and flows 126 miles south from its rise in Alberta.

The photo above shows a bridge on Bogan Road which is off of US 2 near the settlement of North Fork. The bridge was built in 1920 and rehabilitated in 1999 according to

Interestingly enough, Battle Creek in Montana represents only one of two areas in Canada that drain into the Gulf of Mexico as Battle Creek flows into the Milk which then flows into the Missouri for a long cross-continent flow to the Mississippi and south to the Gulf.

So if you ever find yourself in the very sparsely populated north-central region of Montana, you might be able to get a little taste of home should you stumble upon Battle Creek.

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