What is it about history and nostalgia?  We are a people that is constantly looking for the newest, fastest, best.  And yet, we search out the people, places and things that are just the opposite.  Human nature?  Maybe.  Or perhaps like great Classic Rock, there's a reason why it's still great.  When it comes to food, the old family recopies seem to hold up just fine and so it goes with some of the places that got them started.  Whether the experience is history or food or both, we found the oldest restaurant in Michigan.

That staff on msn.com went in search of the oldest restaurants in every state and they have determined Michigan's White Horse Inn holds that title.  Located in Metamora, MI, which is between Detroit and Flint, the White Horse has been in business for 165 years.  When you last that long you've got to be doing something right.  Get more information by clicking HERE.


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