When you add up the liquor sales in Kalamazoo, this independent store is in the big leagues at almost $1 million in annual sales.

Alcohol, booze, spirits, the sauce, the hard stuff, elixir, hooch, a nightcap, a cocktail, libation or liquor; whatever you call it, booze is big business in Michigan. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission licenses and regulates the sale in the state and also keeps tabs on who is running up a tab.

The stores that sell the most alcohol in the state are probably the first ones you think of: specialty stores like Mega Bev, large grocery stores like Meijer and the wholesaler Costco. Fifth on the list is a surprise: Daysha's convenience store. The party store, on Kalamazoo's Northside at 715 Douglas Ave. racks up an astonishing $813,605.53 in liquor sales annually.

  1. Mega Bev $1,934,873.91
  2. Meijer, Gull Road $1,521,391.76
  3. Meijer, West Main $1,435,562.37
  4. Costco $1,250,664.31
  5. Daysha's Convenience Store $813,6053.33
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