It's a beautiful overlook and one of the most popular in the state. It's also one of the most notorious rescue spots.

The No. 9 Overlook sits high atop 450-foot-tall dune and is a popular place for families, hikers and photographers. The overlook, however, is also a popular spot for hikers to get stranded.

Basically, they get to the bottom and get can't back up.

Rescues used to be performed by ATV, which used to cost $652. Now, because of rising water levels, there's not much beach left and the rescues are becoming more tricky...and costing a lot more.

If you need to be rescued from the beach, the cost NOW is about $2,200. The rescue consists of about 8-10 people and 1,400 feet of rope. The cost is passed on to hikers, but only about half of them pay it...which leaves the fire department with the rest of the responsibility.

In short, know your limits. Hiking down is ALWAYS easier than hiking UP. I know you want the Instagram pic, but it's not worth $2K if you have to be rescued...and we KNOW you won't include THAT in the post, right? ;)


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