Michigan isn't necessarily known for its soaring, mountains terrain, and high-elevation peaks. But, that doesn't necessarily mean we don't have some incredible heights with stunning views.

While we may be known as the Land of Lakes, we do still have some phenomenal land features NOT full of water, and we've put together a list of some of the best high points and hiking trails in Michigan that you can still visit this Summer and Fall, before it starts to turn too cold.

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Michigan is actually home to more than 300 mountains. Most of them are found up north and in the Upper Peninsula obviously, carved out by the same glaciers that gave us the Great Lakes, no doubt. And with that, comes some of the best hiking in the state.

A-Z nimals.com helped curate this list of the 10 best mountains (with the best views) in the state for you to climb and visit.

The 10 Best Mountains (And Hiking Spots) In Michigan

Get Pedaling and Try Some of Michigan's Best Mountain Bike Trails

With well over 300 mountain bike trails in Michigan, here are some of the best and highest-ranked places to try. 

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