Tuesday morning we will find out the list of nominees for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.  Here are three artists I hope to see on the list.

The hall recently released their fan vote poll they have ongoing at the hall and Motley Crue, Blink-182 and Iron Maiden top the list.    I agree with Iron Maiden who is long overdue for a nomination and induction.

The list is long as for why they should be in.  I would list their legendary albums and their world renowned tours for influencing many artists across the world. Hope to see them nominated for the first time next week.    If they are not nominated then Judas Priest should get the nod.

Priest were nominated a few years ago but didn't receive enough votes for induction.  Like Maiden, the influence is there and should have been in the hall years ago.  Black Sabbath, Metallica are in Judas Priest should be nominated and inducted.

The third band that I feel should be inducted is Soundgarden.   Soundgarden are interesting as they started out before other Seattle bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana.  Those two bands are already in and with Soundgarden's body of work, should be good enough to have the band nominated and eventually inducted.

I hope to eventually see all three of these bands in but I'm sure we will have to wait.  We'll see who gets nominated on Tuesday morning (October 15th).






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