It’s official: Michiganders love odd, quirky things…and here are a few more Michigan oddities to check out on your Michigan roadtrip.
Read the descriptions, then scroll down and check out the photos below!

The Country Smoke House in Almont features a moose strapped to the top of a small car, and a large steer on a flatbed trailer, as a kind of mascot to the butcher shop found inside. It’s a quirky quickie where you can stop and take a few selfies! Located at 3294 Van Dyke Road.

The Besser Museum in Alpena has the big ol' head of a Bald Eagle right out front. It’s 14 feet high and has been around since 2000. After doing its rounds in a handful of Michigan parades, it was finally donated to the Besser Museum, where it sits waitin’ for people like us to stop for photos! Located at 491 Johnson Street.

Blake’s Big Apple in Armada has just that: a big apple on the roof. It’s not anything TOO unusual, but it’s not something you see everyday. Blake’s is a cider mill will all sorts of goodies and a haunted attraction in the fall. Located at 71485 N. Avenue.


These are just three things of the thousands of quirky stops you can make in Michigan. Hang onto these suggestions…you just might need ‘em on your next roadtrip!


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