The old Three Rivers hospital might be an eyesore, a symbol of nearly-lost history or a thrill-seekers dream, depending on whom you ask.

Take a walk through the abandoned building with a group known as Ruin Road.

Ruin Road has a focus on the old, abandoned and haunted with a focus on Michigan. They found the crumbled remains of the Three Rivers Hospital.

The hospital is a favorite of Southwest Michigan urban explorers and ghost hunters with Haunted Niles posting this on Facebook:

It was very creepy, complete with weird zoo type cages in the back and the staircase (pictured) leading up to the back of it.... It has two rivers running through the park area. A lovely little spot! Right now, this old creepy building seems to be out of place there. with broken windows and a general haunted vibe to it

As reticently as 2015 plans were presented to renovate the hospital, which has been closed nearly four decades, but so far nothing has come to fruition.

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