Happy first anniversary to the little brewery that could: Tibbs Brewing Co. on the corner of Lovell & Burdick downtown Kalamazoo.

Owners Kevin and Cindy Tibbs stopped in this morning bearing their beer and cupcakes — a combination now famous to customers.

My wife Karla, Brian Jennings and I had the pleasure of stopping in to visit them last spring during one of the blues shows at the Kalamazoo State Theatre (which is located next door to Tibbs), and we were treated to one of the best and coolest experiences we've ever had.

As you might imagine, it's an intimate setting, but it reminded us of some of our favorite bars where we grew up. But it was the hospitality and sense of family and friendship that made the experience so enjoyable.

Oh and...the variety of beer was pretty good, too.

See and taste for yourself. Tibbs' first anniversary is tomorrow, and we hope to help them celebrate many more.

Credit: Kayla Kiley/Townsquare Media