The Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum in Kalamazoo has gone viral with their cool videos, but it's their comments for me.

The Air Zoo has really taken off on TikTok with 15.2 thousand followers and nearly 160 thousand total likes.  This TikTok account is gaining thousands of views and likes each day.  If you've never visited the Air Zoo, you're missing out.  Now you can get a preview of what you can expect from this exciting museum while getting a bit of a history lesson via TikTok.

The most viewed video on the @Air.Zoo TikTok profile has Doc educating us on the history of their B 25.  This video has been viewed 557.9 thousand times with 63.5 thousand likes.  As much as I enjoyed this video, I enjoyed the comment section even more.  Someone named Yeet commented,

I once made out with a girl in a plane at the Kalamazoo air museum. 👍

The Air Zoo responded politely,

please don't do that again..... 😳


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Another video that went viral for @Air.Zoo shows off the unique design of the Bell SeaCobra.  This video has been viewed 427.3 thousand times with over 26 thousand likes.

In this video, Doc talks about the A-4 Skyhawk with its retractable wings.  This is a popular attraction at the Air Zoo, which may explain why this video has been viewed 133 thousand times and liked nearly 13 thousand times.

When it comes to flight, things are usually pretty complicated.  That's why finding simplicity in this MiG-15 is exciting to many.  This video has been viewed over 94 thousand times with nearly 10 thousand likes.

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