I recently had a great conversation with Alice In Chains guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell.

Alice In Chains and Jerry Cantrell have had a huge influence on me as a musician, a songwriter, and a recording engineer and producer. There is actually a small spot in the interview where that comes up when we were talking about guitar tones.

Alice In Chains have been on break since the Rainer Fog tour ended. Cantrell began putting together songs for a solo record when that tour ended. He had most of his solo record shelled up then the pandemic hit. As you will learn in the interview, that actually gave Jerry more time to spend with the record.

Cantrell's new album is called 'Brighten' and will be available on October 29. From the two tracks I've heard so far, Atone and Brighten, this will be another great solo record for Jerry.

Here is the first single Atone:

During the interview, Jerry and I cover a lot of ground. We start off talking about the new album 'Brighten', discussing tracks Atone and the title track. Plus Jerry speaks about who played on the record and some new instruments that were added to the album.

Here is the title track 'Brighten':

Jerry went on to talk about his friendship with Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagen as well as meeting Axl Rose for the first time. We also covered his friendship with Dave Grohl and how Dave helped him find a producer for Alice In Chains. We talked about guitars, amps, tour dates and we even talked a little football with the Seattle Seahawks.

This was a bucket list interview for me, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

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