The Outback Steakhouse on Westnedge in Kalamazoo has been permanently closed for some time. Now, it looks like a new restaurant is finally moving in.

Thanks to the Reddit user cmaturk who posted about this on the Kalamazoo Reddit page. Apparently, a new seafood boil type restaurant, named the Tangy Crab, will be moving into the old Outback Steakhouse location in Kalamazoo.

The Tangy Crab currently has two locations in Michigan; one in Flint and one in Lansing. According to their Facebook page, they hope to be open in Kalamazoo by this November or December. You can read more here.

Browsing their menu on their website, it looks like they specialize in seafood boils specifically:

There are options for family meals that can feed up 3 people for $55 or you can build your own seafood boil where each pound of seafood comes with corn and potatoes.  However, they have a large variety of options. Everything from raw oysters to mini crab cakes can be found in their appetizer section alone. And, for those landlubbers, they do offer wings, cheese curds, even a chicken tender salad.

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For those who have never experienced a seafood boil you should prepare to get messy. I'm only judging based on my own experiences but, every "boil" I've eaten has been served with no silverware, no plates...just napkins. That's because the entire contents of the meal is poured onto a lined table. People then freely grab what they would like to enjoy.

Now, the meals I enjoyed were at private residences. I'm not sure if an establishment like The Tangy Crab will follow the same practice.

You can stay updated on the Tangy Crab's opening progress by following them on Facebook.

Want to try to make a seafood boil at home? This Youtuber has step by step instructions:

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