Debates have been part of mankind since the beginning of time. Opposing views expressed in public meetings primarily with a chosen moderator and an audience have been carried out formally and informally  for eons now. We are probably best familiar with debates either at an educational institute or from our television sets where every political season ramps up its final days with two opposing candidates duking it out verbally attempting to sway a voting republic that their agenda is one that should be chosen.

What you're probably not familiar with is my top 5 debates to avoid. I'll spare including our recent presidential debates given the obvious and just fill you in on the following.

Fall vs Autumn Debate:

I've covered this in recent articles and on the air but it bears repeating. How pretentious is the Fall/Autumn season in that it requires two names while common seasons like Summer, Winter and Spring plod along in singular fashion. Make up your mind Fall/Autumn, pick one or the other.

Seat Up or Down Debate: 

The smartest of men would never debate this. Unfortunately, there just aren't a lot of smart males in this big ol' giant blue marble of ours. Thus the debate rages on. Because I'm not very bright either, I would submit that the effort be compromised by having both men and women complete only one of the tasks (either the lifting or setting down of the seat) This could be conducted after said completed business, in other words, Men leave it down after their completion of duties and women leave it up after their completion of duties.  In the event the man is conducting number two duties, the male gets a free pass. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be making a bed on the couch now.

TP Over or Under Debate:

While we're on the subject of bathrooms we might as well knock this one out. All undies really need to realize that there's really no way to stop the momentum of a really good under pull of the TP roll, therefore, it is the opinion of this author we understand the physics of momentum and finally realize that over pulls on TP net a great savings on SPP (Square Per Pull) dynamics.  Again, I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

Star Wars vs Star Trek:

Granted the battle sequences are better in Star Wars but lessons on teamwork and camaraderie are valuable in Star Trek. Either way both franchises fall under the nerdy genre so at the end of the day does anybody really win this debate?

Twizzlers vs Red Vine:

I always thought Red Vine as oversized and cumbersome to enjoy. I think the way Twizzlers refuse to let go of your teeth clinging like a barnacle to the side of a ship. It always good to to able to pick at your teeth and break off a little surprise later in the day. So Twizzlers wins it hands down.

Your welcome to give me your thought and favs. Feel free to add a few of your own if i missed some too. No Coke vs Pepsi though because we all know Coke is hands down winner.

Yep, I know...tot the couch I go.

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