Nothing weird about turning 61, unless your name is Weird Al Yankovic. The singer, songwriter, actor, author and satirist turns 61 today and by all accounts has no plans to slow down his poking fun at modern day pop culture by recently cameoing in the new 2020 film release of "Bill & Ted Face The Music". He also has a role in the Phineas and Ferb The Movie:" Candace Against The Universe" as a shirt cannon guy.

Thought it would be awesome to celebrate one Alfred Mathew Yankovic's birthday with a look at some of his best satirical work - so without further ado...ado...ado...

Our Top 5 Weird Al Yankovic Videos:

5) Like A Surgeon: With over 18 million views, this classic from the man who can awkwardly gross you out with a blend of Madonna-like moves while dressed as a health care professional is surely a go-to when you need a smile.

4) Eat It: This parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is hilarious with its onslaught of food references, so-much-so, that at times you will forget that you are actually listening to a parody song.

3) Smells Like Nirvana: When you're Weird Al Yankovic nothing is sacred. Not even the peace and happiness of Nirvana. Not sure how the highest state that someone can attain smells, but we just have to trust that Weird Al does.

2) I'm Fat: Michael Jackson was huge (pun intended) during the height of Al's career and Jackson's songs were a favorite target of Al's parodies. Good thing too, as Michael at times was considered a parody in the entertainment world. Quite frankly, both artists complimented each other brilliantly.

1) The Saga Begins: One of Al's most successful videos that didn't have to do with food, The Saga Begins spoofs not only the classic song American Pie by Don McClean, but also pokes fun at the popularity of Star Wars franchise, by humorously summarizing the plot of The Phantom Menace.

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