Tommy Mecher is saving money and turning heads at the same time. The Chicago man has spent the last couple of days traveling through Wisconsin to Michigan's Upper Peninsula with a snowmobile strapped to the roof of his car.

Most people would use a trailer instead of a sedan. But Mecher tells WISN that he didn't want to spend the money to rent a trailer. He also notes that his car is basically on its last legs, so if it sustains any damage he won't be upset.

Mecher says he's caught a lot of second looks while on the road.

"We got it up there with a tractor. It took about an hour because we had to make a support in the back to shift all the weight to the sides of the roof so it didn't cave in and break the back window," he said. "I was going, and I would pass them, and they would see me pass, and they would catch up and want to get a picture of it."

When asked if the mode of transportation is legal, Mecher said he questioned a police officer at a gas station in Wisconsin, and the officer said, "As long as it's secure, I don't see why not.”


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