Personally, after 12+ years of public school, and six years of college, the LAST thing I'd want to do as an adult is set foot in another schoolhouse.

But this one in Illinois is different, as it's not so much a school "house," but more of a school "home" you could buy, and turn into your own unique space.

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Previously known as "Grant School," and what we're assuming was an Elementary school (based on the wall art), this former school building is in Benton, Illinois, in the southern part of the state.

Per the property details from H2 Realty Group, this building will be a "walk down memory lane with your childhood."

"Grant School is on the Market and now available for the endless possibilities as far as your imagination can take you."

The building is 18,500 sq. feet with 10 classrooms, only one kitchen, SIX bathrooms (though I'm pretty sure only a couple of them are truly functional), office space, workout rooms, and a TON of nostalgia.

"Two of the rooms have the original crown molding ceilings dating back 100 years old."

There's also that whole "10 classrooms" part to this building, some of which have already been converted into bedrooms and living spaces. And Just LOOK at all this space!!!

H2 Realty Group, LLC
H2 Realty Group, LLC

For real though, what do you fill an ENTIRE CLASSROOM with as a bedroom? Or ANY type of room for that matter!

If you look through the gallery below, you'll see the Living room of this school "home" that has three full-sized couches in it, and there's SO MUCH ROOM still!!

Also worth noting, only SOME of this school has been fitted for home life. There's still an entire second floor that's barely been touched, and still includes "Mr. A's ORIGINAL very first hand-painted map."

Really, a TON of potential with this place. See it for yourself:

Illinois School "House"

This school in Illinois was bought, and turned into a home... well... at least, part of it was. Bedrooms the size of literal classrooms! So much room for activities!

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