It's no surprise that I've been to a "few" concerts over the years and, invariably, I've saved the ticket stub from every "major" one of them...but only briefly.  By that I mean I save the stub thinking I should save it, ya know, for the collection.  Except, I'm not a collector.  I know a lot of people are and they've got their memorabilia encased and what not.  If there was one show I wished I would have saved the stub it would have to be the first show I ever went to.  Rush opened for Kiss at the Kenosha Ice Arena in 1975.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have saved it and turned it into FLOOR MATS!!! That's right, floor mats.  There's a company that does just that.  Click HERE to see what I'm talking about it.  BTW, here are my top 5 other shows I would have turned my stub into floor mats with.

1. Eagles- Hotel California Tour- 1978

2. Bob Seger- Against The Wind Tour- 1980

3. Steely Dan- 1993

4. The Who w/Robert Plant- 2004

5. Springsteen- Born In the USA Tour- 1985