Two very deserving Portage sisters won over a million dollars last night on an NBC game show.

I have to be honest, I just heard about this game show for the first time this morning when a friend of my texted me to say two local people were on the show last night.  So, what is "The Wall?"  This is a game show produced by LeBron James that has given away a total of $11 million to date.  There is a potential to win up to $13 million each night.  There's a lot of twists and the game has it's ups and downs.  You can watch the full episode from last night featuring Karen and Lori by clicking here.

The back story on these two lucky ladies is pretty awesome.  Karen invented the Green Glove Dryer.  Karen and Lori run a non-profit that provides free gloves to help keep kids warm all over Michigan.  Get more info on their non-profit, Glove Me Please, by clicking here.

You can enjoy the moment Karen and Lori realize they won $1.4 million in the video below.  It's an amazing, tear jerking moment.  Congrats ladies.

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