Good luck even finding a typewriter these days. But if you could find one, would you have the ability to produce this amazingly unique map of Lake Michigan.

The map, which was shared recently to reddit, is representation of major rivers that flow into Lake Michigan. Around West Michigan, the course of the St Joseph, Kalamazoo, Grand, Muskegon and Manistee Rivers are incredibly accurate.

The map is credited to Daniel Huffman and was created on a Royal Safari II typewriter. Daniel told how he made the map by first drawing out a grid to plan the characters and spaces then using

lines of dots (…) represent water, while asterisks (***) form state borders. The @ sign has been sprung from its prison inside the email address (2) and now marks the location of cities, typed out in the Safari's elegant Prestige Elite font.

City and river names are in lower case, state and lake names are in upper case. The rivers, made up of straight and slanted lines, and their names are in red (yes, kids: typewriters could do two colours). Where it doesn't slant, the water's edge is rendered by exclamation marks – adding emphasis to the name of Beaver! Island! in the northern part of the lake.

If you ever tried to do this yourself, gather plenty of patience, remember typewriters, unlike computer word processors, are permanent.

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