Streaking was once considered a tongue and cheek display, nothing like today where you would easily be thrown on the sex offenders list for any kind of brash behavior. But back in the 70's there was apparently a wave of streaking happening in the country which had started with schools like FSU, Texas, Washington State & Maryland and Spring Break may have been the culprit leading to its arrival at U of M. 48 years to the day recently, U of M looked back at when streaking blew up on campus their campus, but never reached the popularity as other places:

By the time students returned to Ann Arbor, the spontaneous solo streaker was all but passé. Now you had to do something different, and Michigan’s answer was the mass streak. One outing was promoted as the “First Annual Ann Arbor Streak-In” (which an organizer insisted was the “official” event); it was to begin at 1 p.m. at Eden Foods on Maynard Street and race through the Nickels Arcade to the Diag. A crowd of a thousand or more gathered for the lunchtime event, but only five streakers—three men and two women—showed up, and two dropped out before reaching the Diag.
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A second event held at 10 p.m. ended up with 70 streakers, but with 10,000 onlookers, the event just ended with chaos and naked people just running in all sorts of directions. Sadly for them, they were never able to topple Colorado University, who gathered roughly 1,200 streakers during a single event.
A lot of people think it was a product of the times they were living in, or that it was a new form of protest or rebellion, but I can't think of anything more awkward then random naked people running around for no apparent reason. You continue to see it today, mainly at sporting events, and I don't think the act will ever stop.

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