We've all thought about having our own private island where we could get away from it all.  And when we think about it we almost always think of some place tropical.  That would certainly be nice and would certainly be millions of dollars.

Well a private island is within reach and within the state of Michigan.  If fact, there are about 18 islands that are for sale to the north and you'd be surprised by the price.  According to an article on the WZZM website, Howard Island, a 2 acre property with 2 cabins on Lake Huron east of the U.P. is only $495,000. OK, OK, it's a half a million dollars but you've got yourself a private island.  Some of the islands cost up to 2 million dollars so you're getting off cheap.  Alright, maybe you can't afford the half mill but you can afford the $329 a night for the rental.  Check out the whole story by clicking HERE.

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