Home to some of the best ramen in Michigan!

Fans of Umami Ramen will be happy to hear the beloved restaurant is reopening after temporarily closing in early January 2022.

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At the time of the announcement, the owner cited "health and wellness" for the temporary closure. In the weeks that followed the owner and operator poured her heart out over all the struggles she's faced in the last few years that came to a head in January 2022. Permanently closing the restaurant was even a brief thought that thankfully was quickly dismissed.

In addition to the staffing shortages, supply chain issues, inflation, and pandemic-related orders, the owner shared she had also suffered a stroke. This all happened while a new restaurant was being built.

Umami Ramen Reopening March 8, 2022

With the reopening comes a refocus. The owner says they want to operate using a business model that will make more sense given the current climate, even asking for input from customers and fans on what foods they are craving.

Umami Ramen has won numerous awards for their amazing food:

The awards do not stop there. You can read more about the awards Umami Ramen won here.

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