No this style of road sign is not something you'll see along a modern interstate. The sign is said to be the oldest of its kind still in use along America's roads.

The sign depicts US 41 and state highway 203. A quick glimpse at a Michigan state highway map will tell you that the sign assembly can be found somewhere in the Keweenaw Peninsula in the far northern Upper Peninsula. Other than that, folks get a little coy about revealing the exact location of the sign.

US highway shields of this design with the state name date back to 1948. Signs created after 1961 no longer have a state name. That means this sign is at least 57 years old. Nearly six decades of guiding motorists in the Keweenaw and it's survived 57 harsh northern Michigan winters.

These signs certainly are of the hale and hearty stock needed to survive in the Keweenaw.

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