Recently I overheard a conversation about A&E's "Live PD".  These 2 guys were going on and on about how they can't stop watching it.  I figured it was like "Cops" and didn't give it another thought.  Then, I was at a friend's house and it was on and I couldn't stop watching it.  Even when nothing is happening you can't stop watching because at any moment something could happen.  It's kind of like The Truman Show; you're just watching life go by.

Now, according to, one of our own will be a part of the phenomenon.  Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott will be the first Michigan law enforcement officer to appear on "Live PD".  He'll be on for an August 16th chase that ended when he used a "pit maneuver" to apprehend an arson suspect.  The network flew him out to New York to tape a segment that's scheduled to air in the Spring.


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