Michigan fans had a tough day on Sunday losing to the Wisconsin Badgers in Madison, 77-63. But the loss could loom even larger for the Wolverines as they're likely to lose their coach.

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Following the loss, Michigan Men's Basketball Coach Juwan Howard got in a scuffle with Wisco Coach Greg Gard. Speculation is that Howard was upset that the Badgers took a time-out in the last seconds of the game when Wisconsin was up by 15 points.

The video shows both coaches having a heated discussion. As members of both teams and coaching staffs separated the coaches, the video shows Howard throwing a punch toward Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft.

Michigan v Michigan State
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A suspension seems to be a given considering Howard's past history of temper tantrums, including a near scuffle with Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon in a March 2021 game that caused his ejection from the game.

Following the incident, many took to Twitter with their reactions, including CBS Sports' Seth Davis, who noted that this incident mirrored an incident that caused the firing of Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes back in the 1978 Gator Bowl:

The more I see the video, the more disturbing it is. This is why Woody Hayes was fired. Juwan Howard needs to be suspended for multiple games. As I mentioned, this is not the first time this has happened with him and another coach. Zero excuse.


So following today's nationally televised loss, an 8-7 record in the B1G, and the possibility of losing their coach for an undetermined amount of time, you have to wonder if this is the end of the Wolverine's chances to repeat as Big Ten champs this year.

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