The unincorporated community of Walhalla lies in Branch Township, Mason County.

Before it was known as Walhalla, it was called Manistee Junction, and before that, Merritt. According to, Walhalla had its beginnings in 1905 as a railroad stop. It had a depot, grocery store, and post office. Walhalla was originally located south of its current location, but moved when US-10 was constructed.

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The town does have a weird tale of its own…a confrontation with a creature that may or may not have been a Bigfoot. According to the Creationist Bigfoot Coalition page, a two-year-old girl named Katie Flynn was abducted by a sort of dog/wolf/man in 1869. It reads:

Two-year old Katie Flynn went missing. Searchers the next day jumped a huge fur covered creature reporters labeled a "bear" - it jumped into the river and vanished on the other side. Katie was found by the river. She told her father she had been playing when a big "dog/wolf" walked up to her, held out its paw, she took it, and the two walked off into the woods. The "dog" left her for a while then returned with berries which they shared after he held them out for her to take. The creature then scraped up leaves around her. Finally the "big dog" lay down next to her and covered her with his body to keep her warm over night.

For such a small town, Walhalla has had over 100 missing persons since the 1800's.

The current Walhalla is right along US-10, with it’s original location is just a few hundred feet south of that highway. It’s not too far out of your way to stop during your next roadtrip.


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