Marsupials seem to be all the rage in the Upper Midwest as of late. Last week we reported a Kangaroo on the loose in Indiana, and its owner saying it poses no threat... but also not to approach it (suspicious...)

Now, another pocketed pet from Down Under has broken out, and residents in Michigan report sightings of a wild Wallaby.

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Monroe County, in far southeast Michigan, has had residents north of Toledo calling authorities of a free-running... or rather "hopping"... Wallaby.

Per MLive:

"Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies on Thursday, Nov. 3 said the wallaby is reported to be in the Bedford Township area.
Police reported the situation to the United States Department of Agriculture, which oversees exotic animal breeders and enforcement of exotic animal facilities."

Authorities say the wallaby is not considered a threat to the public, or to public health, and are still searching for its owner. And typically, they won't approach humans, dogs, or other domestic animals... unless you have treats of course.

But don't do that.

Police are telling people to stay away, but if I'm being honest... I grew up with a zoo that had an "Australia" exhibit, where they ENCOURAGED you to buy snacks, and feed the wallabies, which were just free-roaming around the enclosure. I loved it, and have wanted to have one ever since.

If I happen to see this Wallaby, I'm offering it a carrot, putting a triangle shirt on it, naming it "Rocko," and taking it home.


Is it legal to own a Wallaby in Michigan? I don't think so. At least, not without the proper permit. But I'll take that chance. Freakin' adorable hopping mini kangaroos - the Australian equivalent to a teacup pig at home.

But, I guess... if I were to do the RIGHT thing, I'd contact the USDA and let them know I found it (like the government asks me to), or call the Monroe County Dispatch at (734) 243-7070.

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