I didn't want to JUMP to any conclusions when I read this headline because I BOUNCE around on some pretty "iffy" websites sometimes. No telling which ones are satire, and which ones HOP on legitimate news, ya know?

But this one turns out to be legit, and residents of Carroll County, Indiana should be on the lookout for a renegade... Kangaroo.

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The local Sheriff's Department confirmed that a Kangaroo is out and about in the county, escaping last Sunday from its owner's property near Patton and Yeoman.

It's not immediately made clear what kind of kangaroo it is, but it LOOKS like it could be either an Eastern, or Western Grey Kangaroo, which are noticeably smaller than their Red Kangaroo counterparts.



So, if you're driving around the northwest part of the Hoosier state, and see what looks to be a Jack-in-the-Box White Tail Deer, call someone. Preferably the owner, because it seems authorities aren't getting involved with this one.

"Law enforcement and animal control in the area are not aiding int he search for the kangaroo, the Sheriff said, but the owner does have proper permits to own the kangaroo." - Fox 59, Indianapolis

The owner of the marsupial actually owns two of them, but only one escaped its enclosure. He also said if you see it, don't go near it, because it's more scared of you than you are of it, and it's not violent... but a thing called the internet exists, and it says otherwise.


That kangaroo seems HOPPING mad.

So, if you DO happen to see this spring-loaded deer bounding around NW Indiana, just call the cops and let them know... but don't forget to post about it on Twitter and Instagram.

Gotta get it for the 'Gram.

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