The internet is what it is, and you can find just about anything on it. Unfortunately, most of it is "adult entertainment."

Yes, one of the largest platforms for internet users happens to be "THOSE" websites with videos and photos, and while there are a LOT of options... like... probably too many... one of the most popular video platforms is about to leave Indiana due to a new law that the online company will simply not comply with.

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The popular adult entertainment website "Pornhub" has announced it will block access to the Hoosier State if Indiana follows through and enacts a new law that will require age verification.

And it's not as simple as the question, "Are you 18" anymore. Some states, like Texas, are now requiring you to enter your personal information to verify you are who you are, and that you really ARE of a certain age. Many see this as an intrusion to a persons personal information, and don't want to put that out on a pornographic website's database.

Pornhub tends to agree, and they now have pop-up ads going live in Indiana that say, "You Will Lose Access to Pornhub in 13 Days," and "Did you know that your government wants you to give your driver's license before you can access Pornhub? As crazy as that sounds, it's True!"

Now to be clear, Pornhub isn't against age verification. They agree that you must prove that you are of age to view their content, but, "The way many jurisdictions worldwide have chosen to implement age verification is ineffective, haphazard and dangerous."

But it doesn't seem their threats will follow through, and thanks to Indiana's Senate Bill 17, all persons within the state who try to access adult-oriented websites, will have to enter their identity before it will allow access, including your driver's license.

The website argues, and to an extent agrees with lawmakers in the state, that current forms of age verification is ineffective, and it unfortunately has resulted in minors being exposed to some very hardcore material much earlier in their lives than they should be. There should be better accountability...

"... (but) putting everybody's privacy at risk won't achieve that."

So, sorry to adult entertainment lovers of Indiana, but it sounds like you're about to lose access to one of the most popular websites because your lawmakers want to require you to give up your personal information... just to see boobs (and other stuff, but you get the idea).

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