The Olympics are fast approaching, which means in most sports, we'll be finishing up the qualifying process of deciding which athletes will be attending to represent our country.

For the Summer Olympics, Swimming has been one of the bigger sports in recent history, and the U.S. is going BIG with the Swimming Trials this year, filling an Olympic-Sized Pool right on the 50-Yard line of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

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Indy was selected as the location for the trials in 2023, and for the first time ever, the trials will take place in an NFL Stadium. While it's still the middle of May, the process of building the pool on the field has already begun for the June 15 start day.

The Trials will take place over nine days, and should bring more than $100 million to the community.

But maybe the most important aspect of what's happening in Lucas Oil Stadium is the building, filling, and utilizing of the pool for the trials.

Think of this as one of the largest above-ground pools you've ever seen. It has to be 165 feet long, and 56 feet wide. That means it could span from one 24-yard-line to the other on the field, and nearly 20 yards across the middle of the field.


The pools also hold around 490,000 gallons of water, so nearly HALF a MILLION gallons, which will weight more than 4 million pounds. And that's just the water in the pool, and doesn't include the weight of the pool structure itself, and the surrounding structures built for the swimmers, fans, and teams.

It's an undertaking that is going to require constant attention, and a huge team to take on. Thankfully, Lucas Oil Stadium doesn't use real grass, so you won't have that huge dead patch of grass after you take the pool down for the season.

The U.S. Swimming Trials will run June 15-23, and the Olympics officially start July 26th in Paris, running through Aug. 11.

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