Colorado Comedian and actor TJ Miller has some major roots in the midwest. While he didn't grow up here, his wife absolutely did, and grew up just outside of Ann Arbor and Jackson, Michigan.

He also spent a LOT of time in Chicago, cutting his teeth in comedy. But recently, he's added a new Midwest state to the mold - Indiana. In fact, he has partnered with two family businesses for his lines of Peanut Butter and Hot Sauce, which are now available.

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During a recent interview with TJ Miller, we discussed his new Comedy album - "Smooth Peanut Butter" - which is available now on all audio platforms. But the name of the album led us to discuss his own line of specialty products, including a line of his own custom Peanut Butters.

Miller said he "loves peanut butter so much," and wanted to make his own line, but needed to find the right partner. Back in 2019, he made a tweet about the company B Happy Peanut Butter, saying it was the best he's ever had.

B Happy Peanut Butter saw it, and flaunted their newfound fan.

But who knew that within two years, the small, family-owned Indiana Peanut Butter company would be partnering with Miller to produce his OWN line of custom peanut butters.

Miller launched the line in 2021, and it's been a hit for him ever since.


TJ Miller's Hot Sauces Are Also Indiana Made

Funny enough, his line of peanut butters were the SECOND product he launched with Indiana families. Years prior, he made his own line of hot sauces with the Scoville Brothers, who are also a family-owned company in Indiana.

"I had some of their stuff, I liked it. And then they asked me one time if I'd ever be interested in partnering with them, and I was like HELL yes, let's do it."

What came out of it was three different sauces, one of which we absolutely cannot say. But by far, TJ said his favorite was the T.J.'s Choice Chipotle Hot Sauce.

You can find all his other sauces, and the peanut butters on his personal website.

"I'm glad I got to work with these families with these products."

You can also listen to the Rocker Morning Show's interview with TJ below.

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