We've all joked about it, right? Buying our own private island to escape people, life, or other general stresses. Well, if you have a spare $600,000 laying around, this is your chance!

In Eau Claire, there's currently an entire island for sale for $600,000. Located at 1 Pipestone Lake Dr., this island does come with a small home. It's listed by Jasen Schrock at Century 21 Affiliated who can be reached at 815-397-7700.

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The home is relatively small but is a turnkey property. Meaning, it comes with:

  • a 2-acre island
  • Boat slip
  • Firepit
  • All furniture
  • A pontoon boat

You can see all of the home's facts and features on Zillow.

Even at less than a million dollars, the dream of owning an island will remain, for most of us, a dream. But, that doesn't mean we can't take a tour, right?

You Can Own Your Own Island for Less Than $1 Million in Eau Claire

A private island, with a home included, is now listed for sale in Eau Claire, Michigan

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