Yet another another opportunity to say: "Don't we have enough to worry about"?  For the past couple of weeks in areas of Portage there have been reports of a man or men who bang on doors and/or windows asking vehemently if they can use the phone.  Really???  What year is this???  There is no reason why anyone should let these individuals into your home.

And according to a report on, Consumers Energy is warning it's customers of a similar situation.  Apparently, imposters claiming to be from the company are trying to coerce their way into homes in our area.  They even go so far as to threaten to shut off service if the homeowner doesn't let them in!  As Consumers Energy stated in a press release, their employees would never conduct themselves in such a way and if one of these would-be home invaders comes to your door you should call 911 immediately.  For more information and advice on how to spot this scam, click HERE.



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