Before anyone starts questioning my priorities when it comes to the Coronavirus Crisis, be assured that first and foremost I want everyone to be safe and healthy.  I'm much like everyone else in that I'm a little selfish and self-centered because this whole mess has caused me to be put out in some ways.  Hey!  I'll admit it when there are plenty of people who won't.  Do I feel a little guilty?  Absolutely.  But I chalk it up to being human; and more than that, an American human.

Lets face it we are the most spoiled country on the planet.  We want what we want, we want it now and we won't let anyone or anything take it away from us.  Unless a global pandemic takes it all away.  What Americans consider necessities, most other countries consider luxuries and that's what makes this the greatest country in the world, right?

So allow me to get just a little excited by the fact that starting today we will be able to use golf carts on Kalamazoo area golf courses.  I look at it this way.  We are supporting local business by paying for the carts so the golf courses can make more money.  Ya know, help out by renting a cart.

Some might ask why not get the exercise?  The truth is I don't mind walking a golf course but I need the cart for my golf accessories and, most importantly, my emotional support beers which also double as "swing oil".

Now if only we had some golfing weather.  Ya know what?  I'll just wait 10 minutes and see what the weather is like.  Anyway, drive the tee and in the cart.  Oh, and, keep those putts low.

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