I guess we shouldn't be surprised with the barber shops and hair salons getting all the attention.  The question is, will the State of Michigan take any action against the owners as they have against the Owosso barber.

The barber was fined and had his license pulled pulled by the Michigan Department of  License And Regulatory Affairs or LARA.  It's not known when and if he'll get his license back which means he may be done for good and may regret not waiting till the coast was clear.

Now we're talking about a business which would be hard to run without a liquor license and if you know anything about getting and keeping a liquor license you know how valuable they are.  Jimmy's Roadhouse in Newyago decided to risk it all and open for business serving customers before the shutter orders have been lifted.

In an article I read on woodtv.com I found out the owners did file for and got the PPP or Paycheck Protection Program relief money from the stimulus package but most of that went to pay displaced employees as is required.  With sales down about 65% they felt like they had no choice.

However, there may be a saving grace here.  You see, Jimmy's has an outdoor area adjacent to the restaurant with a huge tent.  Inside the tent are your basic 8 foot white tables and chairs which have been placed a secure social distance away from each other.  So basically people are not dinning indoors.

It remains to be seen what if anything local authorities, the State of Michigan and possibly LARA will have to say and do about this.  The owners I realize that drastic times require drastic measures.  Now it's just wait and see.

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