Ordinarily, I wouldn't take the time to throw out something like this online but I felt compelled after hearing about it and then reading about it at wxmi.com.  In an era where everything is somebody else's problem and nobody wants to take matters into their own hands, we find a remarkable situation right here in our own backyard; or at least up the road north on 131.

It's never been a secret that schools systems are constantly struggling to keep budgets low as a necessity or responsibility.  Individual schools within the system struggle in many of the same ways.  And, of course, it's well documented that teachers who aren't paid enough use their own money to make sure their classrooms have what is necessary to provide the students with what they need to succeed.

Well check out the story of Martin Schools Superintendent Dr. David Harnish who is taking it upon himself to save his schools $150,000 by getting the schools painted by the first day of school. He and some students have been putting in 90 hours a week to save the money that will be used for more important things.  WAY TO GO DR. HARNISH!!!  That's doing work!!!  I for one am proud.  Check out the story by clicking HERE.

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