Like me, you may not have realized how many ships have been lost in Lake Michigan off the coast of Michigan.  Not to mention the so-called Bermuda Triangle of Lake Michigan that lurks out there as well.  Considering the technology and the size of the lake in comparison to say the oceans, you'd think we would have recovered or at least identified the lost.

Well, according to WZZM, the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association or the M.S.R.A. based out of Holland, MI and the National Underwater Marine Agency or the N.U.M.A., they claim to have found the 'Lizzie Throop' an 86 foot schooner that was built in 1849 and sank off the coast of South Haven in 1873.    But it turns out they weren't looking for 'Lizzie' when they found her.  Nor were they looking for some 10 other shipwrecks when they found them.  So what were they really looking for?  Click HERE to find out.


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