I bet this guy thought the heat was off with the Coronavirus crisis.  Oh no!  Not on the Kent County Sheriff's Department's watch!  They've been looking for this creep for nearly 20 years and now he's finally going to get what's coming to him.

According to woodtv.com, police have arrested a man they believe has been exposing himself for years: the so-called Cascade Flasher.Steven Todd Pastoor, 54, of Cascade, has been in jail since Wednesday, after he allegedly confessed to Kent County investigators to crimes going back to 2003.  Pastoor allegedly had a routine: he kept his shirt and hat on but was naked from the waist down. He would stand on the decks or porches of homes in and around Cascade, often knocking on the windows to make sure he had an audience.  He would then expose himself and masturbate in front of his shocked on-looker.  On Wednesday, police allegedly caught him peeping in a window in this neighborhood, then found him without pants near a highway.  He was arraigned and according to court documents, confessed to indecent exposures dating back to the late 1990s.

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