This morning started off typically enough. Boot my studio computer and office computer. Grab a cup of coffee. Start scanning the interweb for hilarious stories to include in the show. It's Wednesday. Nothing special. That is it WAS nothing special until I jumped behind my mic and saw this in front of me; a totally frame-worthy image of Inigo Montoya created using the text from William Goldman's classic The Princess Bride. I have NO idea how it got there. Later I would check my email and see that one of my coworkers sent me a message saying, "There is a gift from a listener waiting for you in the RKR studio and it's very very cool."

It IS cool. Super cool, in fact. But that's it! "A listener"? That's what I have to go on to solve the mystery of who gifted me such a badass poster? I'd rather go a round on The Machine than rack my brain trying to figure out who saw this and thought, "I'm going to have to drop this off for Stefani on the morning show." All I know is he was wearing a mask, and if it were any other moment in time I would have thought, "How mysterious," but most certainly he wasn't wearing a Dread Pirate Roberts mask.

It's just inconceivable that someone would anonymously drop off such an amazing gift. Thank you, Mystery Listener, whoever you are! I will give it a good home... but I suppose you already knew I would.


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