Undoubtedly, Michigan is one of the top states for education past high school; from universities, colleges, adult education, you name it. We have some of the best in the country. Aw heck…make that the world.

Before we reveal what is supposed to be our state’s worst college - according to Education Alot – here’s a synopsis.

Education “experts” say you can spot a bad college by a handful of factors:
A) If they lack faculty members and professional, reputable professors.
B) If the professors teach multiple classes, spreading themselves too thin to concentrate on one specific subject.
C) If it has a high acceptance rate. In other words, even if a high school student was close to failing, he/she could still take some kind of college course. Since the student didn’t do well in high school, chances are they won’t do well in college either, and end up with terrible grades or just plain dropping out. High acceptance rate = low graduation rate.
D) Campus crime rate is high due to lack of security. Drugs, gang fights, and theft are among the top examples.

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So with all that in mind, what is said to have been Michigan’s worst college?
Baker College in Flint.
Yes, it IS closed. They moved their operations to Owosso after they closed in August 2020...but here's how the information was concluded.

On top of all the other struggles Flint endured over the decades, this was another. Only a little over 21% of Baker students graduated, and left school owing an average of $22,852 in loans and debts. Compared to the average salary earned after graduation ($27,200,) that wasn’t good. The data does show, however, that 82% of college grads from Baker got full-time jobs two years after graduation.

Any disagreements with this data should be directed to the ones who did the research at Educationalot.com.

Baker College, Flint: Rated Michigan's Worst College


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