Is seems every year there is some new bug or evasive species that finds its way to Michigan, but what the hell is the Asian Tiger Mosquito?

Michigan has had problems with mosquitos carrying the West Nile virus and in some cases it has killed those who have been bitten.

Well according to FOX 17, there is a new mosquito that has been found in Wayne County that is called the Asian Tiger Mosquito. This beast can transmit viruses such as chikungunya, dengue and Zika to humans.

We all know that shipping containers coming into the United States from all over the world also bring us their evasive bugs. We have all seen the articles on Murder Hornets and a wide variety of spiders and the same goes for mosquitos.

FOX 17 reported that MDHHS Emerging and Zoonotic Infextious Diseases manager Dr. Mary Grace Stobierski said, "although we have not had any illnesses associated with these species of mosquitoes in Michigan, it is important to take precautions since other mosquitoes can spread viruses such as West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis to people. Recent heavy rainfall and flooding has led to a general increase in mosquito activity throughout the state, so we urge Michiganders to take precautions such as using an EPA registered insect repellent when outdoors."

There is definitely an increase in mosquito activity after these recent rains here in West Michigan. I was spoiled doing all kids of yard work late into to evenings and not having to deal with any mosquitos because of the drought we had. Now that the rain has come and some warmer temperatures, the mosquitos are back.

Just last night as soon as I got out the door to take the dog on a bathroom break, bam here come the skeeters.

Now the Asian Tiger Mosquitos have already been found in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and now have been found right here in the mitten state. These mosquitos have been found the last couple years in Wayne County so odds are they have made it to other areas.

Local health departments are in the process of conducting surveillance mosquitos to see if these Asian Tiger Mosquitos are in other communities.

One way to make sure these mosquitos are not hanging around your house is to make sure there are no places collecting standing water. Things like gutters, flower posts, old tires, buckets, containers, dog or cat bowls that are outside, etc.

If you are going in the woods this summer, you may want to have a long sleeve shirt on and some jeans instead of shorts and make sure and use some really good mosquito repellant to avoid getting bit.

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